About Spec-Tex

Textiles to your specification

Who We are

We are a company dedicated to the manufacture of fabrics and ticking used to cover mattresses and pillows, produced with materials of high quality, strength and durability. Our products are intended to be used in correctional, state, county and health facilities or environments that meet the unique needs of each institution.

In SPEC-TEX, Inc., we design, test and certify all our products and meet all institutional standards. We offer a complete line of specialized institutional fabrics and fire barriers that can be used perfectly in correctional and health institutions. We have developed products with different characteristics and costs to satisfy the most demanding requirements.

Our Mission

Manufacture innovative products of high quality, strength and durability that can be used as a filling or covering of mattresses and pillows used in correctional institutions, health centers or companies with environments that need to meet the most demanding requirements. We have product development teams in-house, as well as the ability to manufacture to provided design specifications.

Our Values


We are committed to continually improving people's lives with new and innovative solutions to meet the unique needs of each institution.


We have the most appropriate infrastructure to assure the fulfillment of the objectives, making emphasis in the continuous training.


All of our products are produced under extreme high quality manufacturing conditions, meeting the municipal, state and federal standards.


We design, test and certify all of our products and meet all required institutional standards. We invite you requests free samples packet for testing.

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