Nylon 70D VCN

70 Denier Vinyl Coated Nylon – 70D VCN

This product has been designed as an economical alternative to rubber backed nylon products. The PVC back coating creates a durable moisture barrier while incorporating an extremely low moisture vapor transmission (MVT) rate.

Fiber70 Denier Nylon
Yarn Count190
AntibacterialTest Method AATCC 147-1988Test Method AATCC 147-1988
AntifungalTest Method AATCC 30-1988Contact inhibition 99%+
Flame ResistanceCAL Tech Bulletin 117
16CFR Part 1632
Class B Pass
Moisture Vapor TransASTM E96BM170 PSI
Hydrostatic ResistanceFed Std 191A Method 5512170 PSI
Breaking StrengthFed Std 191-5100Warp 150 lbs/inch
Fill 120 lbs/inch
Tear StrengthFed Std 191-5134Warp Min. 2 lbs
Fill Min 2 lbs
Primary Skin IrritationDraize DermalPass

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