Correctional Mattress Ticking

Product Recommendations:

In a correctional environment, no single product has ever been capable of meeting the challenges of all the varying environments. The environments will require a variety of products to meet the uniquely different needs of individual institutions. We have found the differences in security levels at state and county facilities need to be addressed in accordance with the historical results experienced in each facility. We have developed a collection of products with different features and costs to meet the most demanding requirements.

All Spec-Tex tickings are certified heavy metal and lead-free.

Correct-Tick 10-1

Correct-Tick 10-1 is the first ultra-soft PVC surfaced mattress ticking fabric developed for correctional mattresses. After 25 years of using traditional three-ply laminates, Correct-Tick has proven to be a major improvement. This product, having all of its vinyl on its surface with none wasted on the reverse, is uniquely capable of being able to withstand sleeping and seating that takes place in a correctional environment without the quick drying and cracking displayed on traditional laminates.

We recommend Correct-Tick 10-1 for general population applications. During its 14 years in the marketplace, it has proven to withstand abuse in general population applications. We have not had a single significant complaint due to delaminating or cracking! All of the state correctional facilities that have made the transition to Correct-Tick have never looked back at traditional three-ply laminates due to the increased performance of Correct-Tick. This proves to be a major advantage for a reasonable cost cover in the correctional market.


ClearView mattress ticking took over a year in development. ClearView is a combination of specially developed clear extruded PVC with a scrim specifically designed to enhance the film with strength for sewing while maximizing optical clarity. You can read the small print of the New York Times through ClearView. The extruded vinyl starts much softer than traditional laminates and will retain the softness and clarity for an extended lifespan.

We recommend ClearView for high-security areas where the elimination of contraband being stored in mattresses can be an issue.

There are many versions of ClearView, please inquire to find the one that meets your needs most adequately.

Correct-Tick 15-1

Correct-Tick 15-1 is an ultra-high-security four-ply breakthrough in correctional mattress ticking. As in the two above products, we have incorporated the standard FR and antimicrobial features with a new twist. This product is virtually the strongest mattress ticking we have ever seen offered at a reasonable cost. Correct-Tick 15-1 contains two substrates. The first is a standard 9 x 9 1,000 denier scrim with an added knit substrate as the second scrim. We have extruded super soft PVC on the face and the back. This product will provide ultra-high seam strength as well as incredible tear strength.

We recommend the use of Correct-Tick 15-1 for the general population at state facilities as well as high-risk or high-security environments, county facilities, and youth-oriented facilities - any and all environments that require extreme tear resistance and puncture resistance.

Correct-Tick CV-10 and CV-9

Standard thee-ply institutional mattress ticking. Both of these products are produced under extremely high-quality manufacturing conditions. The vinyl is laminated, poured, and calendared to maximum quality standards. The 10-ounce product contains 2 four mil films and an 18x9 300x500 denier scrim. These components are combined on a 50-ton laminator with heat in the rollers. This method of laminating uses no glues or solvents and results in a high-quality 10-ounce product, which reduced the level of drying out. Many competitive products use lighter weight films plus adhesives/glues to make the 10-ounce weight. Spec-Tex CV-10 is all vinyl and scrim with no additives/glues to build up the weight.

CV-9 is virtually the same with the exception of the use of 3 mil films.