Clearview 53-11.5

Product Features and Benefits:

  • Specially developed clear extruded PVC with a scrim
  • Knit cannot be removed and braided improving on correctional facility safety
  • Can be heat sealed or sewn
  • Can read small print of New York Times through material
  • Can see hidden contraband through material
  • extruded vinyl starts much softer than traditional laminates and will retain the softness and clarity for extended lifespan

Product Specifications

Typical Physical PropertiesTypical Test Results
Weight (oz/yd2)11.5
Heat SealbaleNo
NFPA 702Pass
Cal 117Pass
CFR 1633Pass
Scrim (D)1000×1000
Instutional Mattress UseYes
Pillow UseNo
Fire barrier Laminate AvailableYes

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