Correct Tick 10-1


CORRECT-TICK 10-1 has been specifically developed for the correctional, dormitory, and health care mattress markets. It is the first industry specific PVC ticking which has been engineered to overcome many of the problems previously associated with eight, ten and twelve ounce laminates. CORRECT- TICK 10-1 provides extended life due to a combination of softer surface vinyl and the extrusion process used to apply the vinyl. We have been able to extrude all of the vinyl on the surface of a circular knit. The knit at 2.9 ounces plus the extruded surface combine to make a 10 ounce total weight. This provides approximately 7 ounces of vinyl on the surface. This combination produces a product with substantially increased chemical resistance from (cleaning products) drying and cracking as well as a barrier to HR and FR foams.  Color as Requested.

Typical Physical Properties:Test MethodTypical Test Results:
Total Weight (oz/yd2):ASTM D377610
Trapezoid Tear (lb):ASTM D75133 (w) x 43 (f)
Tensile (lb/inch):ASTM D751127 (w) x 68 (f)
Adhesion (lb/inch):ASTM D7514 (w) X 4 (f)
KnitProduced with multi-denier yarns to increase adhesion. This will help to maintain adhesion during the useful life of the product.
Flame Retardancy:NFPA 702
CFR Title 16 Part 1632
Class B

Meets CFR 1633, Cal 121, Cal 129, Cal 117, Cal 122 in proper construction

Antimicrobial:AATCC 147-1998Pass
Foam Compatible:HTMPass-Loss less than 3.0%
Coating:Extruded PVCPass
Launderability:(Determines anticipated life expectancy without drying or cracking) Five commercial launderings and dryings with no change in stiffness or adhesion.

Traditionally vinyls break down (dry out, crack and delaminate) due to plasticizer migration. In many cases this is caused by inmates during cleaning and cannot be helped. The combination of properties in CORRECT-TICK 10-1 is softer to begin with and the increased surface thickness will help to prevent this problem and extend mattress life. This extended life and cost effectiveness in CORRECT-TICK 10- 1 provides ultimate moisture, flame resistant and antimicrobial fabric for multiple applications.

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