Correct Tick 10-1FB

Correct-tick 10-1 Composite Fabric Specifications

Conformation burn is necessary

16 CFR 1633 prototypes available: 6” Urethane Foam Mattress

Inner-spring Mattress with 2” urethane foam on each side

Correct-tick EFB (Extruded Fire Barrier) is a PVC coated needlepunch barrier that has been designed to meet the requirements CFR 1633. In most constructions it will meet the requirements of Cal 129. We recommend sewing with Kevlar* thread or other effective fire retardant thread.

Typical Physical
  Test Method:  Typical Test Properties:                        
Total Weight (oz/yd2):ASTM D377614.5
Trapezoid Tear (lb):ASTM D75133 (w) x 43 (f)
Tensile (lb/inch):ASTM D751127 (w) x 68 (f)
Adhesion (lb/inch):ASTM D7514 (w) X 4 (f)
KnitProduced with multi-denier yarns to increase adhesion. This will help to maintain adhesion during the useful life of the product.
Flame Retardancy: CFR 1633                     
NFPA 701                              
Cal 117 
Vintex TM-15
Antimicrobial:AATCC 147-1998Pass
Foam Compatible:HTMPass-Loss less than 3.0%
Coating:Extruded PVCPass

Barrier Specifications

Needled non-woven: 4.5 osy

Cellulose: based fire Barrier (laminated to Ticking)

Flame Resistance: 16 CFR 1633

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